Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Hello again! Today we're going to zip through a reveal of our hallway, which is small, but sassy. Here we go!

The first thing you notice is the rug. I got mine at Home Goods, but if you need it in your life, Wayfair has it here. It was my jumping off point and gave the hall such a colorful vibe, I was able to put some of my favorite (very colorful) kids' art in here. It's a loop, rather than a pile, so I hope it will wear well in this high traffic area. 

The light fixture in here was an accident of sorts. I bought the brass fixture for over the kitchen sink but it seemed too big and competed with the basket light over our table. I had ordered it from Menards and it had a clear glass globe, which broke in the hubbub. Unable to return it, I added this pretty globe from Home Depot and hung it in the hallway. It's SO much better than the boob light from which we'd been averting our gaze! I feel lucky since I wouldn't have prioritized a statement light fixture for the hall.

It's a small hall so I decided to keep my grouping of art small too. I didn't want to feel like the walls were full and coming in on me. Or that we'd be in danger of bumping them off whilst passing by. These are the new concerns of a small house, but we're enjoying the challenge. 

I love seeing these cheery little pieces every day. Here's another view going the other direction so you can get a sneaky peaky of the room I painted a pretty color!! 

Can you see it?! It is different and exactly what I wanted for my office so when I'm in there it FEELS different from the rest of the house. 

One thing we plan to do in the future that will transform this hallway is to add trim to the doors until they look like this:

Then if we switch out the current knobs for some simple black ones, we'll have some handsome doors. Why? Well, the current ones are not only showing their age, but they're brass on the outside of the door and chrome on the inside. Was that a thing? Anyway, it will be a grand upgrade. 

So there you have it! I've got two more rooms photographed, so hopefully I'll be back with the main bath and the master bedroom soon. 

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