A man said to his wife, "Remember what we said in our vows - for richer or poorer...I really meant that, didn't you? Honey?" 

What Financial Planners Don't Mention - when you're feeling discouraged about money

Disney Trip Budget

Projected Disney Budget - what we hoped to spend
Disney Trip: Photo Tour - this is the most pleasant version of an itinerary I could come up with!
Actual Disney Budget - what we actually spent and a few Disney planning tips!

No Spend Month - July 2012

Our family decided to experience a spending haitus during the month of July. If you'd like, you can read about it by following the links below.

No Spend Month - February 2013

Our family's currently trying a wintry a no-spend month. Why February? Well, it's not Christmas or recovery from Christmas (a.k.a. January) and it's not spring break, so it seemed like a calmer month to go for it. Also it's the shortest month of the year. Here are the daily posts so far: 

All You Need is Love
Days 2 & 3: Glad to Be Back
Day 4: Valentopia
Day 5: Craft Yourself a Better View
Day 6: Free Snow-Fun
Day 7: Less is More
Day 8: One Week Down
Days 9 & 10: Baby Love
Day 11: Date for Less
Day 12: Raspberry and Hummus Weakness
Day 13: Happy Valentine's Eve
Day 14: One More Thing about Dating
Day 15: Trust Issues
Day 16 & 17: Found It!
Day 18: Really, Mom? Paints?
Day 19: Look at it go!
Day 20: Valentine's Dinner & Recipes
Day 21: Hurry's Anecdote
Day 22: Money-Free Joy
Day 23 & 24: Great Lengths
Day 25: Being Assertive
Day 26: Ready for a Dry Spell
Day 27: Torn
Day 28: Whew!
Bringing it all Together

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