Here's everything I've written that's seasonal, involving holidays and celebrating. I realize this comes naturally to some, but when I see a vacation day on the calendar, it seems to glow with potential for projects getting done and tasks being checked off. I do believe in celebrating and admire cultures that put it higher on their priority list, but I have to be intentional. Otherwise, we'll clean gutters on Memorial day. 


Other people's recipes may go under a category like "Everyday" because they actually nourish their family with delightful things on a daily basis. I on the other hand, only feel the need to cook on special occasions, so you'll find all my recipes here. 

Sweet Potato Chili - a warm meal for cooler weather
Whipped Strawberry Pie - frozen dessert that's easy to make patriotic for the 4th

Spinach Gnocchi - spinach and ricotta cheese dumplings
a la bianca sauce - a light, olive oil based sauce to put over your choice of pasta
Peek-a-boo Cupcakes - chocolate cupcakes with a cheesecake-like center
Funnel Cakes - this isn't my recipe, but gives the link to a wonderful recipe we use
Banana Pear Sauce - a sauce that's amazing over waffles or pancakes 
Sisters Green Salad - green, dressed salad
Oatmeal packets - Even I probably wouldn't serve this at a celebration. I'm just putting all my food recipes here.


Fiesta Party: Kids Turn Eight! - how we up-sized for the occasional "friends-included" party!
Favorite Day of All - how we down-sized the kids' birthday celebrations and upgraded our happiness


Minimalist Easter baskets - what to put in them (besides junk!)
Easter Decorations - no bank-breaking around here...


Spring Break

Spring Break Fun - the fun outings we threw in to spice up our week at home




Minimalist Christmas - 2015's version of our days of Christmas
Christmas Greeting 2014
Christmas Greeting 2013
Christmas Touring: 2013 (and Part 2)
Snow Forecast Fun - Celebrate the first time the weatherman says there's a chance of snow
Easier Holidays 

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