If you've seen my house, you know I'm not a minimalist with only one hundred possessions. Not even close. Nor do I aspire to live out of a backpack at any point in my life. But there's no number in the definition of minimalism; it means having only what you use and love. So I'm attempting to realize what I don't use or love quicker and let go of it to live lighter. The more I get of this lightness, the more I want of it, so my first clean sweep has led to others. It's freeing to step back and ask if the "ideal" life is ideal for me, which has taken me beyond stuff to time engagements. The stress of managing a status quo life can crowd out meaning, health and especially, enjoyment. 

Lightness in Stuff:

Set Yourself Free - what makes minimalism better than reorganizing
I don't FEEL like a Minimalist! - when it seems like there's no progress
86 the Junk! - a method for your second sweep or damage control before Christmas!
Minimalist Easter baskets - what to put in them (instead of junk)
Taming of the Toys - how to get rid of the right stuff and get your kids on board 
It All Started With an Underwear Drawer - a little project to jump-start your minimizing
If You'd Like a Bigger Kitchen - how minimalism went down in my kitchen
Going to the Bathroom - how to sort out the toiletries and such
Where We Recreate - tackling the stuff we store in our living rooms, family rooms & rec rooms 
Minimalist Storage...Courage, Mateys! - where you find most of the stuff you don't use
Minimalism: Kids Clothes - how to get a grip on your kids' clothing (sizes, seasons, etc) 
Minimalism: Kids Books - what we've done since our book hoarding days
Minimalist Christmas - shifting our kids' holiday focus from stuff to experiences
Minimalism and Kids - the hardest part is STAYING a minimalist with kids

See inside a minimalists cupboards!

Home Tour Intro 
living/music room 
main bath 
master bedroom 
dining room 
kitchen (part 1 and 2
home office  

Lightness in Clothing:

Capsule Wardrobe Outfits: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 
Capsule Wardrobe with Project 333 - trying to wear only 33 items for 3 months!
Winter Clothes and Polyvore - One strategy for tracking and minimizing your wardrobe
Minimalist Wardrobe: What to do with your wardrobe? - my journey toward fewer garments
Minimalist Outfits: The T-shirts 
Minimalist Outfits: Jeggings Love
Minimalist Outfits: A Few More
Minimalist Outfits: Tah-dah!
Minimalist Wardrobe: Summer Me Up!
Summer Outfits: 5-7
Summer Outfits: 8-1
Minimalist Wardrobe: Dressin' Up!

Lightness in Time:

40 Day Social Media Fast
It's Time...For a Social Media Fast - when I went 40 days without SM
Minimalism: Time Management - my stuff now under control(ish) I'm turning my attention to time
Holy Time - how adhering to my To Do list, rather than my emotions is going
Slowing Time - being present, the how to - or at least some ideas
Minimalism: 3 Parts Progress - my observations as I apply minimalist principles to my use of time
Minimalist Time: Extra-curriculars - here I analyze some family activities that crowd our calendars
Minimalist Time: Follow-up - challenging myself to spend mental time in a trusting state rather than a stressed one
Minimalist Time: I want joy - my idea of how joy happens has been turned upside-down 
Summer-Slowing Success - summer's a chance to slow down if we're strategic about it
Saving Time: Sorting Mail - know what mail you never have to open again

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