These posts are organized generally by topic if I've talked about it a lot. Except that one about a sandwich. I have no excuse for that. 

Body Image

Self, I Will Love You - when you don't know how to love your self unconditionally
Dear Skinny-Obsessed Me - Starting to love and understand this part of me 
The You You Never Knew - You're more than your parts
Body Image on Pinterest - I've started a Pinterest board that is a refreshing reality check
By George - an experiment in "dieting"
The Twin Skin - how my stomach looked a year after having twins and what I plan to do about it
Pooch-Be-Gone: Update - time to begin
Let the Lathering Begin - my before photos and thoughts on why I'm doing this
Beautiful - what does this mean anyway?
Preliminary Results - why do I feel the way I do about my stomach?
Skin-Firming Lotion: Two Weeks In - the lack of results


A Filtered Heart
What Glennon Said

We All Have a Lot of Something
Add Fun to Family Portraits - what made all the difference in our portrait-taking experience
Speaking to the Sensitive - a look at how we deal with our kids messy feelings
School-Starting Freak Out - How I feel when school's about to begin
What Happened to Home Schooling? - why I'm not home schooling for first grade
Home Schooling: the Perks - what I loved about home schooling
Hangin' On - keeping my kids home another year
What a Girl - thoughts about my daughter
Quiet Time - what I did when I learned about kids' need for sleep

Health Struggles

I'm Well - getting anointed for my fatigue
Why It's a Happy New Year - facing a new year with an illness and faith
Health Struggles Called the True Me Home
Practicing Gratitude When I Slept All Day
Being Sick - Part 1

Being Sick - Part 2
Vaginismus: My Messy Beautiful - what the heck IS that and what it's like to live with it
The Secret Guide to Hormones - the cycle everyone needs to understand
Good Enough - When getting better gets overwhelming
Shambles of Hope - Getting started on the journey to recover from adrenal fatigue
Taking a Break is Hard - when baggage makes it hard to do what you need to do
The Struggle and then, Oh Yeah, Christmas! - when your sick and holidays still happen
What Adrenal Fatigue Looks Like for Me - symptoms etc.
Valentines is Coming! - how I'm treating my adrenal fatigue and fatty non-alcoholic liver

Making Friends with God

Good Medicine-on losing a pet
Power for Good - the benefit of believing God is actually ALL good
Enoughness Is Real - the statement I am enough always felt like baloney to me
Autonomy - nobody was the boss of Jesus
Judging People
I Get a Bit Judgy
True Love for Everyone 

When Prayer's Gotten Complicated - taking cues from my kids' prayers
God's Mothering Me 
A Tale of Letting Go 
Caring for Yourself: It Matters - why you shouldn't always take the hit for someone else
Love Louder - it's time for loving Christians to out-shout the haters
The Timing of God-time: All Day - he's near you constantly, we just need to become aware 
Connecting with God: Longing for Everything Else - what to tell yourself when you find yourself cheating on God
Connecting with God: Practice - how to build up the time we dedicate to God-time
Connecting with God - why the ups and downs don't equal good or bad
As Long as It Takes - when I let go of my self-imposed deadline, I found endurance
What To Do With Desire - Part two of the desire discussion 
What Disney Could Teach the Church - the value of dreaming and our desires
Being Seen - when you feel alone

Self Management

To Everyone With a Me Too Story
Decision Making for the Perfectionist
Handling the Unknowns - how to live with unanswered questions
When Guilt Gets Too Heavy - how moralizing gives me unhealthy amounts of guilt
Obsessed With Speed - how rushing has hurt me
I'm Also Obsessed With Strength - understanding where this comes from and letting go
When It's Not Comeback Time - why these times aren't wasted or bad
Undefeated - beings stubbornly optimistic when our surroundings beg to differ
Be Polite to Yourself - how the book Big Magic altered my inner dialogue
The Door is Open - letting go of rules that don't serve me
Unpacking My Self - a story about the parts of my self I lost to trauma

High Maintenance

Tired Yogis are Enough
Broken is Also Enough
A Fresh Look at Failure
Being Weird - leaving status quo behind to find human connection
How to Be Present 
Permissions - We don't have to do it all
The Control We Never Had - how to start being okay with this
I Hate Mother's Day - why this day is hard and how it can be good 
Both/And Thinking - you can't quantify life into good and bad categories
One Path to Peace - how I found peace when I was late to work
A Helping Hand - I wish I didn't need this, but since I do...
Trading Dreading for Dreaming - I'm trying on a new approach to change 
Failure and I - because we all judge ourselves as failures in our weak moments
What You've Got to Know - you're stronger than you ever dreamed
Worry Is the Enemy - the difference between worry and fear
New Tricks: We Can Learn - how I got past self-doubt in one area
How'd Your Holidays Go?
Sometimes It's Hard to Be Ready for Christmas - when you're not in the mood
Cold's Coming: Snap! - a California girl's strategy for dealing with Midwest winters
End of Year Resolutions - what I do instead of New Year's resolutions
A Love Letter - what I'd like to say to a depressed person
Trying Again - thoughts on hard transitions
About My Competitive Streak
True Story: I'm Competitive
Grumpy Pants: When You'd Like to Be a Better Person
Spring Fever - my favorite season gets me going, but maybe a little too much
I'm in a Funk - what to do when you're down
How it's Going - my efforts to take a break
Resting On - and what I pray when I think of the shooting in Connecticut
Keeping it Up - I lost it for a bit, but I'm back on track
Time's Up - what laying down my production-obsession made room for 
Guess What I Just Did - I can be okay with this
Then I Got Sick 
Getting Lost in New Territory - it's still progress
Why Every Grown-up Needs a Table Lamp - relaxing for the relaxing-impaired
Unfurl the Beauty - we don't just hide the bad stuff (like lice), we hide good stuff too
I Swore I Wouldn't Blog About This - when we got lice 
Happy Tired - living in the moment

The others...

What We've Been Up To - a recap of several months
Summer Recap - since I was mostly MIA on the blog this summer, here's how it went
15 Years of Wonderful - thoughts on marriage's ups and downs
Birthday's Eve - my favorite person's having a birthday!

The Moment - a coming of age story...sort of
Mean Green Machine - 7 earth-friendly habits that I enjoy
One Good Yoga Class - thoughts on the new year
For the Love of a Sandwich 
About me: KendraKay - where I'm coming from
have mercy! - where the name came from

Practicing Gratitude

Book Reviews

Most Inspiring Book of my Summer - Tiny Beautiful Things
Book Love: Wrecked - a book review about a thoughtful read

Organizations I love:

Noonday and IJM Unite - two of my favorite organizations are working together
Noonday: Interview with Megan - this is a company that empowers people around the world
The Starfish Project - my favorite kind of charity and you can support it by buying pretty jewelry!

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