Our House Now: 

Living Room

Our Previous House:

(The current version of the room is first and previous posts are in parenthesis.)

Living room (older: 1 2 3  4) & Music Room (older)
Dining room (older: 1 2 3)
Kitchen (older: 1 2 3)
Main bath (older: 1 2 3)
Master bedroom (older: 1 2)

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  1. Kendra,
    Your blog has touched me. I have had many blessings in my life. One of the most profound is knowing that the home I was raised in is in the hands of someone like you. I have something for your home and as soon as I get what has long been "in my head" a reality I will call you and arrange to come for a visit. I would love to visit with you and know you better. I see many talents in your work here. I am working hard in my home to un-own 'stuff' and move it along to another rightful owner who would make better use of it. At the same time, I love finding new uses for old things. You have re-inspired me. Thanks for making my day. MaryAnn (Ott) Prenosil

  2. Oh - this means so much to me! Thank you for taking the time to look through and read. I never dreamed we could share something special with the people who lived here before us. We would welcome your visit any time, but at the same time, there's no rush. We know how busy life gets and that sometimes, you just need to sit down and do nothing. ;)